Sai Harshika Enterprises

Sai Harshika Enterprises

Sai Harshika Enterprises an Young and Dynamic Company, operated by Stong Technical and Sports Enthusiasts. Started in 2012, Sai Harshika operates across various Segments

  1. IT Services (Hardware & Networking Services)
    1. Laptop Repair and Accessories
      1. Laptop Repair Services – INR 1500 per Visit, any parts that are needed will be charged on Actuals
    2. PC Repair and Accessories
      1. PC Repair Services – INR 1000 per Visit, any parts that are needed will be charged on Actuals
    3. Annual Maintenance Contracts for SMB’s
      1. INR 1500 Per year excluding any parts. Parts are charged on actuals
    4. Information Security Consulting Services
      1. INR 15000 for Documentation Review
      2. INR 45000 for End to End Information Security Consulting Services
  2. Sports Ventures & Event Management Services. It operates under the brand “Playsfit”
    1. Playsfit is a professional sports event management company that provides end to end solutions for team building events. It ensures that every team member has a completely satisfying and convenient experience altogether. Multiple MNCs have already tied up with them for their team outings.

The driving force behind their top-notch performance is the Organizing Team of Playsfit. The proactive team works diligently for its customers. Playsfit offers the best facilities to play like a seasoned sportsman.

  • Sports Ground: The beauty in playing any game is the “place” where it is played. Their industrious team selects and approves the top Sports Grounds for every game.
  • Sports Equipment: Playsfit team provides the “finest Sports Equipment” to play with.
  • Professional Umpire/Referee: Fair decision is the virtue of every game. To ensure that there are no disputes in the game their team provides impartial Professional Umpire/Referee to assist the players.
  • Commentators/Anchors: To enhance the experience and describe each enthralling moment of the game, they have lively and brilliant Commentators/Anchors. They also arrange PA systems for this purpose.
  • Stage: Playsfit team understands the importance of honouring outstanding players. They provide stage for award ceremonies.
  • Trophies, Awards and Souvenirs: Playsfit team arranges trophies, awards and souvenirs for the hard-working winners and runners-up players.
  • Scrumptious Food Items: They host delicious lunch/dinner to give the players a perfect break from their usual routine.


The happiness of playing with your team is priceless. PlaysFit gifts you the joy to celebrate sheer bliss under one roof.

Come! Rejoice and rediscover your passion for games with Playsfit


We Provide Cricket Tournament for Corporates and Mixed Corporates and the below mentioend are approximate costs. The cost varies depending on the Services that are provided

  1. Stars Permier League – INR 27000
  2. Future Stars Premier League – INR 18000
  3. Playsfit Cricket Championship – INR 30000

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