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Stars Premier League (SPL) Rules



  • All matches to be played under ICC T20 rules, D/L method in case of rain and bad light.
  • 20 overs a side
  • Maximum 4 overs per bowler
  • Maximum 2 fielders outside the circle during power play (first 6 overs)
  • Minimum of 4 fielders inside the circle after power play.
  • Free hit for all bowler error no balls
  • One bouncer per over
  • Over waist full toss is a no ball for all bowlers.
  • Super Over to be played in case of a tie in all knockout games.
  • All teams are expected to be in full whites (or) Coloued Jerseys as per the Tournament format and players are expected to wear appropriate protective gare while on field to avoid any injuries. *
  • All teams to submit 16 member playing squad at the time of registration and can add 4 more playes before knockout. Players in Knockout Matches must have played a min of one match in league Stage, and cannot play in Knockout even if his name is listed in team list.
  • Player can play in only One Team in that Pool
  • Teams must arrive at the ground 30 mins before the scheduled start time.Team sheets to be handed over 20 mins before the start. The toss will happen 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and the fielding team must be on the field 7 minutes before start. The first ball must be bowled at the scheduled start. It is essential to have strict adherence to this in order to complete 3 matches in a day.
  • Each innings to be bowled in stipulated time of 85 mins. 
  • Sides will be changed every 10 overs.
  • Umpires decision will be considered final and abiding. 
  • Any misconduct by player/teams, Umpires & Organizer has the authority to suspend the player/team from the tournament.  
  • Fixtures of the matches will be published in advance.
  • ID card of each player is mandatory. Contact no., officially e-mail id and soft copy of ID card of every player has to be submitted at the time of registration and Umpires / Organizors have the authority to check player(s) IDs after post match also and thier decion is final. So its purely CAPTAIN responsibility and he should adhere to rules and should play all matches with given squard only.
Schedule related rules
Using the schedule of activities given at the bottom would help us start the matches on time.
  • Each innings to be bowled in stipulated time of 85 mins (+5) Minutes. if it dosen’t complete, Umpire decision is final and they can use D/L method to set the target for 2nd Innings. So its important to keep up with the timings. 
  • After the “Match Start” time the Umpires could start giving penalties for any delays, the teams must finish all activities like toss, giving the playing 11, padding up etc before the start time, else the penalties could be applied. Penalties could be given even if teams do not arrive enough in advance to finish the toss, padding up etc before the start time.
  • If both teams cause delays – 1 over reduced from both sides for every 10 minutes delay after graceperiod.
  • If one team causes delay – 1 over reduced for every 5 minutes delay after graceperiod
  • A minimum of 8 players required to start the match. 
Umpires decision will be final, applying any penalty or giving any grace period is up to their discretion, grace period will never be more than 10 minutes.
First Match
7:05 AM – Reporting time
7:15 AM – Toss
7:25 AM – 8:50AM 1st Innings
8:50AM – 9:05AM Break 
9:05AM – 10:25 2nd Innings
Second Match
10:30AM – Reporting time
10:45 AM – Toss
11:00 AM – 12:25PM 1st Innigs
12:25 PM – 12:35PM Break
12:35 PM – 2:00PM 2nd Innings
Third Match
2:00 PM – Reporting time
2:15 PM – Toss
2:25 PM – 3:50 PM 1st Innings 
3:50 PM – 4:00 PM Break
4:00 PM – 5:25 PM 2nd Innigs
If mach dosent start on schedule due to one of the teams (Team A) and other team (Team B) and other team is ready at the ground by the start time of the Match, for 1st 15 Minutes, Team A’s batting innings will be reduced by 1 Over, there after for every 5 minutes of delay Team A batting will be peanized by additional 1 Overs, Here other team (Team B) will get full quota batting innings. If the delay has crossed 35 minutes after the Match Start time then match will be awarded to other team (Team B).
  • 0 to 10 Minutes Delay after Scheduled Start time – No Penality, but thier break time will be redudced and have to complete thier Bowing Quote of 20 Overs in 80 Minutes.
  • 10 to 15 Minutes Delay after Scheduled time – Peanilized Overs 1
  • 20 Minutes of Delay – Peanilized overs 2
  • 25 Minutes of Delay – Peanilized overs 3
  • 30 Minutes of Delay – Peanilized overs 4
  • 35 Minutes of Delay – Peanilized Overs 5
  • More then 35 Minutes – Walkover
If both teams are delayed every every 10 Minutes of Delay, One over will be reduced from the total number of over in Each Innings.
  • 10 Minutes of Delay – Match will be 19 Overs per side match
  • 20 Minutes of Delay – Match will be 18 Overs per side match
  • —-
  • 80  Minutes of Delay – Match wil be 12 Over per side match
  • if delay is more then 80 Minutes then match will be cancelled and will be re-scheduled
Rain related rules
  • A Min of 90 Minutes or 12 Overs per Side Play should be possible (if there is delay due to overnight rain or any delays outside control of Organzors), else match will be cancelled and will be re-schedule. 
  • Full washout – Rematch at later date
  • Partial washouts will be decided by D/L first, if that is not possible then we will try to rescheule the match from the same position on a later date
  • For D/L to be imposed Team batting 1st Must have finished minimum of 10 Overs and 2nd Team should be able to play a min of 5 Overs. If reduced match the Minimum overs decision for D/L is left to the on Field Umpires. (Please check with umpires if overcast conditions). Please check D/L par score at the start of the Innings in case if D/L is imposed.
  • With the shorter days if there is a tied game during league stages the points will be shared, super over in the knockouts. In case of a Super Over the next match could be affected with a delay and shortened and hoping for everyone’s cooperation as it is an exciting event that can happen with any of you and you would want the others to cooperate

Trophies & Awards

  • Winners and Runners Trophies / Medals to Finalist team Players
  • Man Of the Match Award and & Star Player Medal (Every game)
  • Best batsman (Orange Cap), Best bowler (Purple Cap), MVP (Red Cap) & Fairplay awards (Green Cap), Maximum Sixes award (Blue Cap)
  • Medals for Maximum Catches, Best Wicket Keeper, Best Bowler Economy (Should have been bowled a min of 4 Overs in Tournament)

Fairplay Team Award

  • This award will be given based on “Reporting time”, “Time taken to Complete 20 Overs”, In and Out field behaviour with opponents, Admin Staff (umpires, scorer and Ground Staff)
  • After every match umpires will give points to team (On 10 point grading scale), At the end Team has Best Avg Poitns (Total Points/Number of matchs played) will be the winner.

Important information

  • All Captains must submit the list of all players with full details and passport photos in advance. This will allow us to avoide last minute rush and ensure that stats reflect againt right players. Captains to send thier player details and photos to
  • Players are requested to carry ID’s at all times, and must be displayed to Umpires / match referee when requested.  
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed on the playing field.
  • Alcohol is strictly not allowed anywhere on the venue.
  • Football style booking to be introduced, players could be given a yellow or red card for abuse, fighting, ball tampering etc. The Umpire or/and referee will inform the captain and post the card info on the website
    • Red Card – Player is removed from the game immediately and banned for one match after that, the team continues to play with 10 players.
    • Yellow Card – Player is allowed to continue in the game but if a player gets 2 yellow cards in the tournament then he is banned for the next match.
  • Your likeness and/or voice can be recorded by the organizers and they reserve the right to sub-license all such recordings

Adherence to official ‘Rules and Regulations’

  • Each team and player is expected to adhere by the official rules and regulations, as outlined in the ‘Rules & Regulations’ document, at all times whilst participating in a Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) Cricket league matches.
  • On and Off-field behavior is expected to be professional at all times. Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) Cricket League Cricket matches are strictly alcohol free and smoke free. Players are expected to abide by this and take a recess outside of the match areas if they wish to smoke. Intoxicated players will not be allowed to take the field and penalties to the team may apply.
  • All players are expected to act professionally at Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) Cricket League events on / and of match days. Issues relating to poor behavior may result in exclusion from subsequent matches and events.
  • Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) and / or RK Sports Management reserves the right to disqualify you and/or any of your participating team members from entering or participating in the tournament or winning any prize/s if it has reasonable grounds to suspect there may be a breach of the rules & regulations or terms and conditions of the tournament.
  • Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) has a specific policy regarding the privacy of players’ and teams’ personal information. This can be located in the official ‘Privacy Policy.’
  • All teams and players registered for the tournament agree that the use of their names, player profiles, audio, video and pictorial images and any other information deemed relevant may be used for marketing and/or publicity purposes by Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) or its related agencies/third parties.
  • Loss, injury or theft of any personal belongings is not the organizers liability
  • All players are expected to wear appropriate protective gear on and off the field, Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Champions (PFCC) and or its afficialites will not be responsible for any injuries on and off the ground. 
  • The Stars Premier League (SPL) & Playsfit Cricket Championship (PFCC) Cricket Leagues is organized by RK Sports Events Management and Playsfit is its technoloy partner. Email: Website:
  • Any team or player entering and participating in the tournament has agreed to be bound by the Terms & Conditions and Tournament and Rules & Regulations, team registration forms and any other arrangements as amended from time to time. This may include changes to rules, fixtures, prizes, announcements as well as terms and conditions that may be made by RK Sports Event Managment & Playsfit prior to and/or during the tournament.
  • Decisions involving the operation of the tournament, organization, interpretation of rules & regulations, terms & conditions or other tournament/event matters will be determined by RK Sports Event Managment & Playsfit. The decisions of RK Sports Event Managment & Playsfit management are final and binding.
  • RK Sports Event Management & Playsfit reserves the right to postpone, cancel, interrupt or alter the structure of the tournament at any time. In the event of cancellation of the tournament or team registration after application, the entry fees will be refunded after a deduction is applied to cover all expenses thus far in RK Sports Event Managment & Playsfit administering and facilitating the tournament, No fee will be refunded if a team has already played a match.

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