Stars Premier League Season 12 Format and Rules

Event Overview:

Stars Premier League – Season 12 (SPL12) is a 3 Cup Format cricket tournament for Mixed Corporates and Pure Corporate Teams. This Tournament is played with white balls and coloured Jersey.

Tournament Format

  • T20 Format.
  • White Cricket Ball & Colour Dress. (Teams has to arrange their own Jersey), our request to each team to be in uniform Jersey.
  • 8 teamm
  • Matches are played in Round Robin format and each team will get 5 Matches Guaranteed in League Stage
  • Each team will not be playing against 2 teams in that pool. (We use League Lobster Software to generate Schedule, and this software will automatically decide on the 2 teams that will be skipped for each team)
  • At round robin stage 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and none for the loser. There is no super over in League Stage and in case of tie each team will be awarded 1 point. 
  • Total points and NRR will be calculated to determine the positions of the teams in league table.
  • Top 6 teams from each pool at the end of League stage will play knockouts
  • All Tournament related scores, points table and stats are available online on http://cricket.playsfit.com
  • Knockouts Format is as below
    • Platinum Cup
      • Teams Standing 1 and 2 in the League Table will play for Platinum Cup
    • Gold Cup
      • Teams Standing 3 and 4 in the League Table will play for Gold Cup
    • Silver Cup
      • Teams Standing 5 and 6 in the League Table will play for Silver Cup
  • Matches will be played in the following Venues
    • Playsfit Cricket Ground, Vattinagulapalli, AR Cricket Ground or Similar Grounds.
  • All Matches are played on Saturdays only.
  • Match Timings
    • 7:30AM to 10:30AM
    • 10:45AM to 1:45AM
    • 2:00PM to 5:00PM


  • Individal Trophies
    • Player of the Man for every Match
    • Best Batsmen Trophy
    • Best bowler Trophy
    • Most Valuable Player (MVP) Trophy
  • Team Trophies
    • Winners Trophy and Medals
    • Runners Trophy and Medals

Other Features

  • Comprehensive and live online scoring with all statistics.
  • In depth statistics with wagon wheel, Manhattan chart etc made available through http://cricket.playsfit.com
  • Social Media Coverage on Playsfit’s Official Facebook page & Instagram 
  • Video Coverage for all matches* (depending on power conditions at the ground)
  • Rain Related Rules
    • A Min of 80 Minutes or 10 Overs per Side Play should be possible (if there is delay due to overnight rain or any delays outside control of Organizers), else match will be cancelled and will be re-schedule. 
    • Full washout – Rematch at later date
    • Partial washouts will be decided by D/L first, if that is not possible then we will try to reschedule the match from the same position on a later date
    • For D/L to be imposed Team batting 1st Must have finished minimum of 10 Overs and 2nd Team should be able to play a min of 5 Overs. If reduced match the Minimum overs decision for D/L is left to the on Field Umpires. (Please check with umpires if overcast conditions)
    • With the shorter days if there is a tied game during league stages the points will be shared, super over in the knockouts. In case of a Super Over the next match could be affected with a delay and shortened and hoping for everyone’s cooperation as it is an exciting event that can happen with any of you and you would want the others to cooperate
  • Schedule
    • A Draft schedule will be released and will be finalized after all teams’ confirmation. We request each team to confirm their next weekend schedule on the Match Day, so in case of any changes needed we can accommodate. If no changes communicated on the Match day we will treat that teams are confirmed to play as per the Schedule and will freeze for that week by End of Day Monday. (No Changes permitted after End of Day Monday for that Week)
  • Fee Structure.
    • We request teams to pay 100% of match fee in Advance as agreed and enjoy the discounted benefits.
    • If agreed to pay in 2 terms, we request team play 50% of the match fee on or before 1st Match and rest to be paid on or before 3rd Match. 
    • For your Convenience we have various payment options, please talk to organizer on your preferred pay option.

PAYTM, TEJ, BHIM, Bank Transfers & Cash

**we strive to video record all matches and will upload to YouTube within 10 Days of the Match Completion, but this recording depends on the Electricity conditions at the Ground and whether conditions and situations beyond Organizers control

**we strive to capture some of the best moments of matches, but due to situations outside the control of Organizer this may not be possible at all times.

**All Videos and Match Moments Captured will be uploaded Playsfit Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We respect you Privacy and if you are your team members have any concerns please get back to us and if no response it is automatically treated as your acceptance to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Rules. If you have any concerns we request you to get back to us, before reaching out to Social Media Owners

We request all captains and their players to please read the full details Tournament rules available in our website http://playsfit.com/stars-premier-league-rules/ and also read our Privacy Policy available at http://playsfit.com/privacy-policy/

If you or your team members have any concerns about the rules and privacy policy, we request to write back to us on info@playsfit.com by 22nd July and if no response received it’s automatically treated as you accept to our Terms and conditions and privacy policy and have your concent to post match pictures and videos in Playsfit YouTube Channel and Facebook and Instagaram Profiles.


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